The risk of not wearing a hard hat on a construction site

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2017 | Construction Accidents

As a construction worker, there is never a good time to get lazy in regards to your safety equipment. This means many things, including the fact that you should get into the habit of wearing a hard hat at all times.

There are many risks associated with not wearing a hard hat, including the fact that you could suffer a serious head injury at any time.

A head injury can have both short and long term effects on your health, including but not limited to memory loss and paralysis.

Note: depending on the circumstances of the accident, a blow to the head can also lead to a loss of life.

As a construction worker, you should never step foot onto a job site without first putting on a hard hat. Along with this, you should expect your employer to provide you with the appropriate safety equipment.

Even with a hard hat on, make sure you are always aware of what is going on around you. For example, if somebody is working at a great height, such as on a roof, don’t walk on the ground below.

Remember that just because you are wearing a hard hat does not necessarily mean you can’t suffer a head injury.

There are many risks associated with not wearing hard hats on construction site, so you shouldn’t get into the habit of doing this.

If you do suffer a head injury, stay where you are and make sure someone calls for immediate help. The sooner you receive treatment, the better off you will be. Once stable, you can make sure the incident was reported to your employer and learn more about workers’ compensation benefits.

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