I am proud to announce another victory in my quest to help small business owners who have been hit with penalties by the Workers’ Compensation Board.

An agency that places independent contractor health professionals with doctors and hospitals had been hit with a $36,000.00 workers’ compensation penalty. The owner came to me to write an appeal. After interviewing her, I wrote an appeal and filed it with the penalty unit of the Workers’ Compensation Board.

Yesterday she called me to say that the penalty had been more than merely reduced–the board had rescinded it completely.

As the owner myself of a small business, I understand the day-to-day stress of trying to compete in one of the toughest marketplaces in the world, and I sympathize with small business owners who through a good faith mistake, or the error of an outside payroll company or broker, or because of financial setbacks, have been burdened with workers’ compensation penalties.

I’m so proud to have helped the owner of this agency be relieved of her workers’ compensation penalty.