I’m very proud to report that in September alone we settled nearly FIVE MILLION DOLLARS in personaly injury/third party law suits.  And there is more to come!

On a construction site, a floor collapsed.  On stairs in a building, a stair opening left a hole that had not been covered.  During construction demolition, construction debris had not been cleaned up. In each case, my client had suffered life-altering injuries, including brain injury, traumatic brain syndrome, injuries to neck (cervical spine) and back (lumbar spine), as well as multiple other injuries.

I am now working on “global” settlements for two of my clients.  A “global” settlement is where the workers’ compensation insurance company agrees basically to contribute money to my client in his personal injury/third party case.

Not every workers’ compensation case involves a personal injury/third party claim. But workers in construction and demolition, or who are injured in elevator falls or roof or construction hole collapses, or on scaffolds or ladders, or by construction site falling debris or faulty cranes often do have valid negligence, or personal injury/third party claims. In those cases, I’m gratified to be able to coordinate the two law suits for maximum recovery for my clients, so that they and their families can move on with their lives, secure in the knowledge that they will always be able to put a roof over their head and food on the table.