What do workers’ compensation benefits cover?

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When injured at work, it is extremely important to receive quality medical care and financial benefits in order to fully recover and eventually return to work. While you may know that you have a rightful claim to workers’ compensation benefits, it is in your best interests to know your rights, as well as the benefits you may expect to receive.

Every workers’ compensation claim is different, and what you may be able to obtain depends largely on your individual case and the nature of your injury. Before you even initiate the claims process, you will find it beneficial to seek a complete explanation of your rights as an injured New York employee and of your potential benefits.

Your entitlements after a work injury

A work-related injury can be costly in many ways. From the medical care you require to the time away from work required to recover from your injury, you may find that both the physical and financial impact of a work accident can be overwhelming. In most cases, injured workers may have a rightful claim to the following benefits:

  • Temporary disability: Depending on the extent of your injury, you may be able to claim temporary disability benefits. This would allow you to partially recover compensation from lost wages.
  • Medical care: Any injured worker has the right to medical care for his or her injury or occupational illness. Compensation for this can cover medical bills, prescription costs and even transportation to the hospital.
  • Permanent disability: If a worker’s injuries are severe enough, he or she may be unable to ever return to work. In this case, that individual may apply for disability benefits on a permanent basis.
  • Vocational retaining: If an injury will prevent a worker from returning to the same job as before the accident, he or she may rightfully seek training for another type of job.

Knowing your rights is the first step in protecting your interests. After a work accident, it is worthwhile to seek a complete explanation of the benefits you may be able to receive.

Moving on after a work accident

A work accident can change your life in an instant, but you do not have to fight for all of your recovery needs by yourself. The workers’ compensation claims process can be both complicated and lengthy, but you may find that with experienced guidance on your side, you can effectively fight for the full and fair recovery that you deserve.