Are you following these power tool safety tips?

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2017 | Work Injuries

Using power tools is a way of life for many working professionals. If you find yourself using these tools day after day, it’s important to take steps that will help you remain safe.

Here are some of the most important safety tips to follow:

  • Check for defects before using the tool. This is something that many people forget to do; however, it’s extremely important. If a tool is defective, put it to the side.
  • Read the owner’s manual. Doing this will go a long way in helping you better understand how to use the tool in a safe manner.
  • Don’t use electric power tools around water.
  • Always wear the appropriate safety gear, such as goggles.
  • Make sure others know that you are using the tool. This is not always necessary, but it’s something to consider if the tool could cause injury to a passerby.
  • Maintain your balance at all times. Slip-and-fall accidents are extremely common on work sites. Maintaining good balance will help you avoid this.
  • Keep tools in a safe place when not in use. Once again, you don’t want to leave these on the ground, as they can act as a trip hazard.

These are just a few of the many power tool safety tips you need to follow.

If you are injured in any type of workplace accident, it’s a must that you receive immediate medical assistance. You should also report the accident and injury to your employer as soon as possible. Workers’ compensation benefits may be available to help with your medical expenses, wage replacement and other damages or losses.

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