4 construction risks you may face on the job

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As a construction worker, you face many risks every day when carrying out your job-related duties. This occupation often falls near the top of the rankings for jobs with considerable hazards and potential for injury. The reasons for this can vary, and taking steps to ensure worksite safety and practicing safe work methods could help avoid serious incidents.

Of course, you and your co-workers may not be able to avoid all work-related accidents, and you may find yourself wondering what you could do to better protect yourself while on the job. First, you may wish to become aware of some of the most common risks that you face as a construction worker.


Falling from any height on a construction site poses serious dangers. This type of incident occurs relatively often and can cause severe injuries, depending on the specific circumstances of the accident. You could potentially fall from scaffolding, roofs, ladders, through floors or from other structures on the work site. Additionally, even if you do not fall from a considerable height, you could still suffer injuries due to landing on other equipment or structures.

Equipment incidents

Falling on equipment does not pose the only issue that machinery and other tools could present on a work site. The possibility exists that equipment could malfunction and cause serious issues to you and other workers. Additionally, if someone fails to use machinery or other tools properly, the risk for injuries could increase. Non-mechanical equipment can also pose hazards as stationary equipment could potentially fall over on you and cause harm.

Falling objects

You could even face serious risks while working on the ground. Because you cannot account for the actions of other workers or for security of equipment, you could potentially suffer injuries due to objects falling on you. An individual working at a higher height could possibly drop a tool or some materials, which could then strike you. Furthermore, if workers do not secure materials and other objects correctly, the possibility exists that those objects could fall off a work surface and put you at risk.


Another type of work-related incident that could cause you considerable harm relates to overexertion. This type of event may not garner as much attention as other accidents, but it can still lead to your suffering illness or injury. Because construction work involves intense labor, you could suffer from heat stress, joint damage, back injuries or other issues due to working too hard.

If you do suffer in a construction-related accident while on the job, you may wish to look into information relating to the New York workers’ compensation system to determine your potential for obtaining financial benefits.