Every small business owner in New York knows how challenging it is to stay alive in one of the country’s most competitive cities. The last thing you need is an over-the-top workers’ compensation penalty.

Some of the clients I have saved from workers’ compensation employer penalties were facing bankruptcy — I’m proud to say I saved the from that terrible choice.

I have never had a client with a workers’ comp employer penalty who had deliberately broken the law. The problem is that the state does a terrible job of teaching small business owners their legal obligation when it comes to workers’ compensation. Perhaps you have a payroll company or insurance broker that betrayed its trust to properly advise you. Perhaps you employ independent contractors and didn’t realize that the state considers them to be employees. Maybe you employ a full-time nanny and never knew she needed to be covered.

These are all INNOCENT MISTAKES. You should never face a large money penalty for an innocent mistake, yet I have had to save my clients MANY HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars in penalties, because the state doesn’t care about your innocence or whether you might become bankrupt from a penalty. The state will penalize you anyway.

If you and your business are the subject of a worker’s compensation inquiry or an actual penalty, please don’t panic–call me right away so we can discuss how I can help you. NEW YORK NEEDS TO HELP ITS SMALL BUSINESSES STAY SUCCESSFUL AND THRIVING!