Many people don’t know that there is a legal connection between a workers’ compensation case and a personal injury case that arise from the same accident. The law does not want the injured worker to recover 100% of his workers’ compensation benefit and also 100% of his personal injury, or negligence, recovery. So an injured worker receiving workers’ compensation must pay some of his personal injury proceeds back to the workers’ compensation insurance company. This is true even with devastating injuries that come from scaffold accidents, or demolition or construction accidents, or elevator falls, where the disability may last a lifetime. However, there are ways to protect and maximize the benefits you need to protect yourself and your family. Today I want to tell you about the “Global” workers’ comp/personal injury settlement.

When an injured worker has to pay back some of his personal injury settlement back to his workers’ compensation insurance company, that can become an expensive proposition, but one way to reduce the payment back to the workers’ compensation insurance company, to maximize recovery to our client from the personal injury suit, is called a “global” settlement.

I have recently been very successful helping two clients receive excellent “global” settlements:

Edwin Guerrero*won a global settlement of a little under A HALF MILLION DOLLARS. The workers’ compensation insurance company was entitled to take $152,054.28 from Edwin’s personal injury settlement. However, I was able to negotiate a reduction in that lien to only $65,000.00 – saving Edwin $87,054.28. His total global settlement was worth over $1,430,000.00.

Xiao Hong* won a global settlement of more than NINE HUNDRED FIFTY TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS. Again, negotiating with the workers’ compensation subrogation department, I was able to reduce by tens of thousands of dollars the amount of money the insurance company was able to take from Janusz’s personal injury settlement.

Many of my clients have had back and neck surgery, fusion surgery after spinal cord injuries, knee and shoulder replacements. Whether your injuries are modest or whether they result in major surgery, you deserve to have your benefits maximized.

Another important fact that many working men and women don’t know is that when you cannot work because of an accident it is possible to be compensated by a third law. That is the law of Social Security Disability. One single accident can result in your being entitled to Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury, and also, Social Security Disability Benefits. Each law is different, but they are all connected in very important ways. I’m very proud and grateful that I am able to spend my days helping New York’s injured men and women to recover from debilitating accidents and to get on with their lives.

Please remember that my door is always open whenever you, your coworkers, or friends and family have any questions about accidents or disabilities.

*For the sake of privacy, I have changed the names and personal details of my clients.