You may be able to build a strong case after construction injury

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As someone who works in the construction industry, you may enjoy your ability to see the fruit of your labor as your work takes form. Many individuals rely on construction workers to complete projects, and a job well done can often lead to repeat business and a growing career. However, this enjoyable and meaningful job can also put you in harm’s way on a regular basis.

Construction workers can face a variety of risks on whatever job site they may work. A multitude of workers in this field suffer injuries every year, and you could potentially find yourself suffering due to one or more of the types of injuries that commonly occur with construction.

Crush injuries

Because you likely use various equipment while carrying out your job-related tasks, you certainly know the importance of using machinery correctly. Unfortunately, even a minor error during operation could cause you to suffer serious injuries. Commonly, workers suffer crush injuries due to machinery malfunction or misuse, resulting in an extremity becoming trapped. This type of injury could also occur if another worker backs over you with a vehicle or crushes you between vehicles or machinery and another solid object.


Burns come in as another common injury that can occur on construction sites. Because you may work with wiring, flammable chemicals or other tools that could potentially pose a fire hazard, you face the risk of getting burned. A mishap with such items could cause a fire or explosion that could cause serious harm or even death.

Fall injuries

Construction often involves the use of ladders or scaffolding, and many duties may have resulted in your needing to work on the roofs of buildings or other high structures. If you fall while on the job, you could easily suffer back, leg, neck or head injuries.

Heat stroke

Another serious issue that affects construction workers is heat stroke. Many construction projects take place outdoors where you have limited access to shade or air conditioning. Too many hours exerting yourself in high temperatures could result in heat stroke.

Workers’ compensation

Because any of these or numerous other on-the-job injuries could cause you to face serious financial difficulties, you may have questions regarding workers’ compensation. The specific circumstances of your injuries and the accident that caused them could determine your eligibility. In order to fully understand your options and to what benefits you could be entitled, you may wish to speak with an experienced New York attorney.