I can’t work due to diabetes. Am I eligible for disability?

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Diabetes is a diagnosis that can change your life in many ways. In addition to the serious health care concerns you now have, you may also find that you are unable to do some of the activities that you used to enjoy. In some serious cases, people with this disease may be unable to work due to serious medical complications.

If you have diabetes and you are struggling with serious side effects that leave you unable to work, you are genuinely disabled. You may have a valid claim to certain types of Social Security benefits, and a New York attorney can both explain your rights and help you secure the money you deserve.

What type of benefits can I get? 

The intent of Social Security Disability Insurance benefits is to provide support to individuals who are unable to hold gainful employment due to a physical or mental condition. There are certain eligibility requirements, and simply having diabetes does not mean that you will qualify. If you want to seek SSDI benefits, you must have the following:

  • A qualifying work history that includes paying Social Security taxes
  • A medical condition that prevents you from working for a period of at least one year

If you do not qualify for SSDI benefits, that does not mean that you do not have other legal options. You may still be eligible for Supplemental Security Income, which are benefits intended for individuals with disabilities and serious financial needs.

Why is diabetes a disability?

For some people with diabetes, the condition is manageable with insulin, diet and other medical interventions. Many people find that they are able to live relatively normal lives, both at work and at home. That may not be the case for you. Rapid and severe blood sugar changes and other issues, such as conditions that develop because of diabetes, may keep you from work.

Just because diabetes is a relatively common medical condition does not mean that you are not eligible for disability benefits. If you have concerns or find that your claim came back denied, you have the right to continue to fight for the benefits you need.

Navigating a complex system

The disability benefits claims process is complex. Some, if not most, initial claims result in a denial, and simply filing out the initial application can be confusing. With the right help, you can correctly complete paperwork, include necessary documentation and confront any complications that may arise.

Diabetes may keep you from earning a paycheck, but there are financial options available to you. If you think you may be eligible for benefits, you would be wise not to wait to learn more about your rights.