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April 2017 Archives

A construction site fall does not have to be a financial pitfall

Construction sites are places that are fraught with risk and potential safety hazards. While this type of work is inherently dangerous, it is still possible to enact measures that will increase job site safety and eliminate common risks, one of which are falls.

Watch out for these workplace injury risks!

If you're one of many New York residents making a living in a dangerous job industry (construction, fishing, farming, community rescue work, etc.) you're likely already aware of many everyday safety hazards associated with such work. However, some serious workplace accidents occur in otherwise calm and uneventful atmospheres, such as clerical offices, libraries or small-town grocery stores. Regardless what type of work you do, most work environments share certain common injury risks of which you'll want to be aware if you hope to lower your personal risk.

Are you eligible for workers' compensation benefits?

New York construction workers risk injury every day they go to work. Because of the nature of this work, the injuries you could suffer may keep you from working for a significant amount of time and the medical bills could quickly grow into a substantial amount. If you do suffer an injury, you're supposed to obtain benefits to help with medical expenses, lost wages and other needs while you recover.

Roadside work zones should also be safety zones

Construction work can be dangerous, especially if the job includes work on the side of the road. Moving vehicles, low visibility, and distracted drivers can all add up to serious safety risks for the men and women who work in any type of roadside construction or work zone.


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