A serious knee or shoulder injury can keep you away from work

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2017 | Work Injuries

Depending on your job, it’s possible that you put a lot of strain on your knees and/or shoulders on a daily basis. While this may be a big part of your employment, it also puts you at risk of suffering an injury at some point in the future.

It’s up to you to do whatever you can to avoid an on the job knee or shoulder injury. For example, you can wear a brace that provides stability when lifting.

Even if you take the right approach to safety, you never know when something bad could happen. In this case, you need to do a few things.

First things first, notify your employer of your injury. You don’t want there to be any gray area as to when and how the injury occurred.

Along with this, receive immediate medical attention. This will allow you to learn more about your injury, such as the type and the treatment that you will require in the future.

Some of the most common types of knee and shoulder injuries include:

— Torn ACL or MCL

— Broken knee cap

— Sprain or strain of the knee or shoulder

— Stress fracture

— Rotator cuff injury

— Tendonitis

At our law firm, we understand that any type of knee or shoulder injury can cause you a variety of problems, such as not being able to work for an extended period of time.

If you’re owed workers’ compensation benefits but have been denied for any reason, you need to learn more about your rights and how to file an appeal. You need this money to get by until you’re able to return to work.