Our hearts go out to Olegario Pabon and his family for the terrible elevator accident that took his life and changed the lives of his family forever. The New York City Housing Authority was warned of a “very dangerous” condition in the faulty elevator-a safety device called a break monitor was turned off, and Olegario and his family paid the price.

Faulty elevators, negligently installed or maintained elevators, elevators that suddenly fall, or elevator doors that open onto elevator shafts-these are the negligent and wrongful conditions that we have been fighting and suing over for years for our clients. But a workers’ compensation and personal injury lawsuit can never make a man or woman whole again. We are calling on New York’s politicians to pass much stricter laws for better elevator safety construction and maintenance.

Men, women, and children using elevators every day-and working people constructing, repairing and maintaining elevators-should all have 100% confidence when they are using an elevator that they will have a safe ride. We should never have to read another tragic story like that of Olegario Pabon.