​A construction company ​CEO​ was busted Tuesday for insurance fraud stemming from an investigation into a worker’s death at a Meatpacking District site last April. Michael Cholowsky, 52, ​head of ……

David Klein writes: This is the kind of corruption and immorality that I warn my new personal injury and workers’ compensation clients about all the time. So many people come to me with million dollar and multi-million dollar cases, to say that their boss is offering a few thousand dollars cash and the promise of keeping their job–if only they don’t file any law suit. But the boss never tells the injured worker that a law suit is worth many, many times more than the few thousand in cash. And th…e boss doesn’t tell the worker that as soon as he can, he’ll fire him from that “guaranteed” job. Also, I have reason to believe that insurance companies are often in on this brutal fraud, often giving the boss cash to pay off the worker. In personal injury cases, it isn’t true that “What you don’t know doesn’t hurt you”–in fact, what you don’t know can rob you of your rights, your dignity, and the compensation for your injuries and pain-and-suffering that you deserve. I’m glad to see that here, some justice was done–but it doesn’t bring that poor worker back to life.

Construction CEO busted for $3M payroll scheme