I am very proud to report that I have recently settled two workers’ compensation cases for a total of SEVERAL HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS.

Lucille Ottomanelli (I’ve changed her name to protect her privacy) had a great job working for an international company until she had an injury on the job, hurting her back and herniated the lumbar discs of her spine. She came to see me because she had been my client a few years earlier, and remembered the hard work I had done for her, and my ultimate success. I won Lucille’s workers’ compensation claim, resulting in weekly benefits and all her medical bills paid by the insurance company. When Lucille decided she wanted to end her case and get on with her life, I was able to negotiate a settlement of her workers’ compensation case, resulting in all outstanding medical bills being paid by the insurance company, and a cash figure of $195,000.00, tax-free.

Frank Valverde (I’ve changed his name to protect his privacy), was a demolition worker who injured his neck, his back, and his knee when he was lifting construction debris. Although he wanted to return to work right away, the disability to his cervical spine and his lumbar spine and his knee meniscus prevented him from returning to work. I succeeded in getting Frank a weekly compensation benefit, and all his medical bills paid. When Frank told me he wanted to end his case and get on with his life, I was able to negotiate a settlement of $210,000.00 in cash, tax-free.

It’s a privilege to represent New York’s working men and women who are injured on the job, in Workers’ Compensation cases.