We are pleased to announce that Darren Rumack has been named Partner to the Klein Law Group. Darren has had tremendous success running both our Wages & Hours Department and our Workers’ Compensation Settlements Department.

We are confident that both the firm and our clients will benefit in the years to come from Darren Rumack having been named Partner.

We are always happy to meet with you in person if you have questions about workplace accidents, personal injury, wage theft, or social security disability law. We represent workers who have suffered only strains and sprains, and workers who have had back and neck surgeries, including fusions, or meniscal tears, or who tragically have been rendered paralysed. Whether you are an office worker, a construction or demolition worker, a health care worker–whatever your job, you deserve passionate advocacy and respect. Never hesitate to sit down with us, free of charge, to discuss any question you have in mind about accidents and disabilities.