Technology does not counteract poor driving behaviors

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2015 | Car Accidents

If you are a driver or a pedestrian in New York, you have to watch out for the careless or aggressive behaviors of others in order to stay safe. The thousands of auto accident injuries and fatalities on the nation’s roadways are strengthening the push for vehicle automation that takes on the responsibilities drivers are neglecting. We at the Klein Law Group are aware that even as technology provides you with safe alternatives, it cannot eliminate the hazards created by irresponsible drivers.

You may have read about or seen the automated Google car in the news or on the streets. The New York Times recently reported on Google’s experiences testing these driverless cars. The company has discovered that the strengths of the automation are also its weaknesses in real traffic situations. The cars are designed and programed to obey all traffic and safety laws. However, this makes it difficult for them to function in heavy traffic. For example, when an aggressive or negligent driver cuts off the automated vehicle on the highway, it must slow significantly to retain a safe distance between them, which allows enough space for another vehicle to pull in between.

If you have a vehicle manufactured in the past five years or so, you probably have some of the same technologies included in driverless cars as manufacturers try to compensate for dangerous driver behaviors such as texting and driving. Researchers have discovered that the theory behind the technology is sound, but in many cases having the various systems and programs causes drivers to be less alert, and many people simply ignore warnings because they are consciously making driving choices that are not legal or safe. You can learn more about traffic safety issues on our website.