On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2015 | Overtime Pay, Wage Theft, Wages & Hours

James Woo (all identifying information has been changed) worked in a store that sold kitchen supplies and cabinets. His employer paid in both cash and check. James was paid by the week, and was asked to work overtime on many days.

Although James was an excellent worker, who also put in overtime without complaint, his employer refused to pay him for his overtime pay for his extra hours. James came to us to ask for help in recovering the wages that his employer had, in effect, stolen from him.

We filed a wage theft case in Federal court and prepared for litigation. However, James’s employer decided not to face us on trial, and settled the case during a settlement conference presided over by the Magistrate Judge.

Wage theft and bullying by employers must never be tolerated. I’m pleased that James had the courage to come forth and pursue his claim, and that we were able to help him recover the wages that he had legitimately and legally earned.