Darren Rumack, who is in charge of our Wage & Hours Department, has successfully settled the cases of two kitchen assistants from a diner in the Bronx. Their boss paid them in cash, refusing to pay a legal wage, forcing them to work overtime, then refusing to pay them their legal overtime wages.  

Outrageously, the employer also forced them to fill out false time sheets, because he thought that would protect him from any lawsuit for fair, legal wages. 

But our clients were courageous, and would not let their boss take advantage of them with this sort of wage theft and illegal coercion. They hired us, and we immediately filed a suit in Federal Court. The employer realized that he was in trouble, and could not win a law suit against our clients. We have successfully settled these claims, and now this Bronx diner knows not to cheat any more of his workers.

Working men and women in New York absolutely and without compromise must be paid a fair and a legal working wage! It is very gratifying to be able to bring justice to New York’s workers. David Klein