I am proud and grateful to report that I have succeeded in making a “Global” settlement of more than $1,500,000.00 for a construction worker who suffered injuries to his back and neck, as well as other injuries, when he was injured at work when sheetrock fell on him. After this accident at a demolition site, he was referred to me by his family attorney who respects my work.

I was able to win him nearly $230,000.00 in workers’ compensation benefits. However, because his employer hired him illegally as an under-age worker, my client is entitled to double compensation, making his workers’ compensation benefits worth nearly $460,000.00.

After that, working with one of the prominent personal injury lawyers in New York City, I participated in the personal injury, or negligence, negotiation, resulting in in a “Global” settlement, meaning a settlement of both the personal injury, or negligence case, and the workers’ compensation right to take money back from the personal injury, or negligence, case. My work contributed directly to a personal injury, or negligence, settlement of MORE THAN $1,130,000.00!

Adding together the Workers’ Compensation benefits, the illegal underage employment penalty, and the personal injury, or negligence, case, I was able to settle this case for more than $1,500,000.00!

I am very gratified to have helped this young construction worker make a new life after the injuries he sustained in his construction accident with falling sheetrock. Every single man and woman in New York deserves a safe workplace and a fair day’s pay. David Klein