Why work is a pain in the back for many U.S. workers

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2015 | Workers' Compensation

Lifting, carrying, pulling, bending and reaching are all activities in which many New York City workers engage on a daily basis. For workers who are employed in certain occupations, like construction and nursing, being able to successfully perform these types of physical movements is an essential part of their jobs.

For workers who suffer a back injury while performing job-related duties, even basic physical movements like sitting and standing can be excruciatingly painful and difficult. From muscle strains and tears to bulging and ruptured discs, injuries to the lower, mid and upper back can prevent an individual from not only returning to work; but also enjoying life.

Workers who are injured at work or while carrying out assigned work duties can file a workers’ compensation claim to secure benefits. While such benefits exist to provide financial relief for injured workers, the process of attempting to obtain workers’ comp benefits can be a frustrating and maddening one.

Not only are workers’ compensation laws often difficult to understand and interpret, but an individual may also face difficulties when attempting to deal with one’s employer or an employer’s insurance company. Insurance providers often attempt to deny injured workers coverage or to downplay the severity of the injuries suffered.

Workers’ compensation laws exist to protect injured workers and an attorney can advocate on one’s behalf to ensure that the maximum amount of benefits are awarded for the maximum amount of time needed for an individual to fully recover and feel healthy and strong enough to return to work.

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