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June 2015 Archives

Why work is a pain in the back for many U.S. workers

Lifting, carrying, pulling, bending and reaching are all activities in which many New York City workers engage on a daily basis. For workers who are employed in certain occupations, like construction and nursing, being able to successfully perform these types of physical movements is an essential part of their jobs.

How a doctor saying sorry could lead to litigation

When a person says they are sorry, it oftentimes means that they are trying to be empathetic toward the person with whom they are conversing. The phrase shows that the person cares and wants to console the other person or make them feel at least a little better. But the phrase "I'm sorry" has another interpretation and it's one that could leave doctors and medical professionals facing litigation down the road.

An estimated 30 percent of car accident survivors develop PTSD

New York City residents are likely familiar with the comedic work of actor Tracy Morgan. More recently, the former Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock star has gained attention for a very different and much more sobering reason. Last summer, Morgan and three of his fellow comedians were passengers in a limo bus that was rear-ended by a commercial truck.

New York City construction workers at risk for suffering fall accidents

In cities like New York City, construction workers encounter numerous daily hazards. In many cases, construction workers are forced to work several hundreds of feet off the ground atop scaffolding or in partially constructed high-rise buildings. From these heights, one wrong move or misstep may result in a worker falling to his or her death. 


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