Leslie Tilles, our Senior Partner and a 2014 SuperLawyer, has saved a small business more than $220,000.00 in unjust workers’ compensation penalties!

Our client was unjustly accused by the Workers’ Compensation Board of being an uninsured employer, and was excessively penalized.

Every employer in New York has a legal and moral obligation to protect its workers by purchasing a workers’ compensation insurance policy.  Uninsured employers face heavy penalties, by force of law. However, the Workers’ Compensation Board too often penalizes innocent businesses, and too often levies wildly excessive penalties against small business men and women who are struggling to keep their dreams afloat.

In this case, Leslie argued primarily that the worker in question was actually an independent contractor.  Although New York frowns on categorizing people as independent contractors, Leslie’s argument prevailed, and she saved our small business client over $220,000.00 in penalties!