Don’t let a work injury lead to financial ruin

On Behalf of | May 4, 2015 | Workers' Compensation

Every day across the U.S. and throughout New York City, individuals suffer injuries at their places of employment. From a nurse who injures her back while helping lift a patient to a construction worker who is hit in the head by falling equipment, a work injury can significantly impact an individual’s life in numerous ways.

For those impacted by a work injury, many have questions and fears related to paying medical bills, recovery time, returning to work and disability. Compounding the stresses of dealing with a work injury, many individuals struggle to understand the workers’ compensation system and claims process. Consequently, some workers see their valid claims denied while others are forced to prematurely return to work.

To avoid these and other types of workers’ compensation problems and issues, New York workers who have suffered an injury may choose to seek the assistance of an attorney. On a weekly basis, individuals who receive workers’ compensation may be awarded up to $500 or two-thirds of their normal weekly wage.

In addition to helping secure the maximum amount of allowable benefits, an attorney will also work to determine if any individual may qualify for additional benefits. For example, in cases where an individual’s injuries are debilitating in nature, he or she may also qualify to receive Social Security disability benefits. Additionally, private disability insurance may help offset any out-of-pocket expenses and an individual may also choose to explore whether or not he or she also qualifies for unemployment benefits.

The workers’ compensation attorneys at The Klein Law Group, P.C., are well-versed in these types of complex workers’ compensation matters and work tirelessly to advocate on the behalf of clients.