Poor monitoring blamed for birth injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2015 | Medical Malpractice

There are many possible causes for birth injuries. Complications sometimes occur during the labor process resulting in injury to the child. Unfortunately, failing to adequately monitor fetal distress or take prompt action leads to birth injuries as well. The consequences are devastating.

In one instance a poorly monitored birth reportedly left a child with severe brain damage and seizures. The resulting claims of medical negligence resulted in complaint seeking $27.25 million in damages.

The mother of the child previously had given birth through a Cesarean section. Nevertheless, doctors delivered the next child vaginally. Plaintiffs claim under such circumstances careful monitoring was required. Claims include failure to monitor the child’s prenatal hear rate. Plaintiffs also claim there was no intervention to perform a Cesarean when fetal distress symptoms appeared, and that medical professionals failed to properly resuscitate the child or respond to seizures she suffered immediately following the birth.

It is alleged this negligent is responsible for a variety of the child’s medical conditions “and has left her without the ability to walk, think, or interact normally with others.” It appears such injuries are permanent.

Medical negligent claims are just one of many kinds of personal injury lawsuits. Unfortunately, these are some of the most heart wrenching of injuries because of the severity of such injuries. We rightfully expect medical professionals to take care of us and provide the best of care. While injuries do occur, we do not expect them in the operating room.

These claims are complex and often involve taking on large hospitals and malpractice insurance carriers. Experienced attorneys can guide you through the medical malpractice process and let you know if you have a valid claim.

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