I was very proud to be asked to teach a class in Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury, and Social Security Disability laws at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx.  This is perhaps my tenth time teaching working men and women what to do if they have accidents or injuries on the job, or if they have construction accidents, falling off scaffolds or ladders, or from roofs, or working in demolition.

Whether a disability is short term or whether it’s a long term disability, I am gratified for the chance to teach workplace rights, and the right to benefits and medical treatment, to weekly pay and/or to lump sum settlements. Whether the injury is a back injury to the lumbar spine, or to the neck or cervical spine, to the shoulders, knees, carpal tunnel, or any other work-related illness, I love teaching working men and women their rights. Many on the job accidents also give rise to Personal Injury or negligence lawsuits, and I teach the connection between workers’ compensation and personal injury or negligence cases.

Also, in the tragic event that a disability will be long-lasting, whether because of a job accident or because of a disease, many people are entitled to Social Security Disability benefits, and in my classes at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx, I discuss these Social Security Disability cases as well.