Medical errors and patient injury: pursuing meaningful recoveries

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2014 | Medical Malpractice

As lay persons duly appreciative of the fact that medicine is a complex and ever-evolving science, most New Yorkers and other people across the country know that salutary patient outcomes are never guaranteed or written in stone.

Put another way: Although many people who lack medical backgrounds — and that certainly encompasses most of us — put doctors and some other medical professionals on a pedestal owing to their years of arduous training and singular skills, we know they’re not infallible.

That is, we know that not every patient is cured. We know that troubling medical illnesses and diseases sometimes worsen and that patients grow increasingly ill or die.

And we know that the treatment regimens prescribed by doctors simply do not work sometimes, and that physicians make mistakes.

Few people expect medical professionals to be bullet proof in all that they do, being brilliant in every instance and all but ensuring positive care outcomes for patients.

What most of us reasonably do expect, though, and what is expected within the medical industry itself, is that medical care providers act competently and pursuant to a recognized standard of care that is routinely delivered by their peers. We brook no outliers, insisting strongly — and rightfully — that a doctor who treats patients negligently and in a manner that is substandard when measured by known parameters be identified and taken to task for the medical harm resulting from his or her mistakes.

Those mistakes occur in large volume daily in medical facilities across the United States. They range from medication errors and misdiagnosis to facility-acquired infections and surgical mistakes.

The attorneys at the New York City-based Klein Law Group, P.C., take pride in the role the firm plays in safeguarding the legal interests of persons injured by acts of medical malpractice and hospital negligence. We are aggressive and empathetic advocates who seek to fully promote the best interests of every client in each case we take, being focused always on obtaining meaningful injury recoveries that address the harm and its resulting effects.

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