Although you faithfully pay into the Social Security system year after year, if you become too disabled to work, you will often run into the injustice of the Social Security Administration or a Social Security Disability Law Judge rejecting your claim for social security disability benefits!

The Social Security Administration has many levels of appeal available to you, if you are rejected for social security disability benefits. People making their initial application are often rejected and must begin the process of appeal.

However, we are very excited and proud to report that we have won social security disability benefits for a woman on the initial application level. Especially astonishing is that she is only in her middle-30s. Also, her sole disability is in her lumbar spine, or more simply, her back.

Less astonishing but just as satisfying, we won another case on the initial level for a driver for a food company who was injured at work. He sustained fractures to his ankle and a tibial fracture. He could not work and was totally disabled. We were able to win social security disability benefits for him at the initial level, saving him the time and anxiety of multiple appeals.