On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2014 | Wage Theft, Wages & Hours

Our client John Chen (to protect his privacy, this is not his real name) worked as a deliveryman for a sushi restaurant in Manhattan. His employer made him work frequent overtime, but did not pay him the legal overtime wage rate. In addition, his employer paid him the tipped minimum wage rate, but neglected to keep good records of John’s actual tips.

We filed a Wages & Hours case against this illegal wage theft in Federal court and prepared to litigate against the employer for his failure to pay overtime, and for his abuse of the tipped minimum wage rate in the case of this sushi restaurant deliveryman.

However, the employer feared a prolonged trial against us, and settled out of court. Without a trial we were successful in settling the case for our client, and protecting his right to proper overtime pay and to a weekly wage that conforms to the hours he worked and the tips he earned.

Working men and women in New York must be protected in their right to the legal minimum wage, to overtime, and all other legal workplace rights. We are proud to handle Wages & Hours cases to protect our clients against wage theft.