On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2014 | Overtime Pay, Wage Theft, Wages & Hours

Anthony Ottomanelli (his real name has been changed to protect his privacy) worked in construction, demolition, and remodeling on Staten Island.  Although his employer made him work frequent overtime, he refused to pay Tony the legally required overtime rate of pay.

When Tony approached the owner of the company to ask for proper overtime pay, the owner physically assaulted him!

We filed a Summons and Complaint, and the employer filed an answer. While we were in the discovery phase, the owner realized it was not a good idea to litigate the case through a trial, and we were able to settle the case.

At the Klein Law Group we will not tolerate wage theft and wage & hours abuses or other illegal workplace abuses. Every working man and woman in New York deserves to be paid at the legal minimum wage, at least, and deserves the legal overtime rate of pay. And certainly, it is unacceptable that employers will assault a worker who is simply attempting to assert his legal right to fair pay and proper overtime.