Stroke/heart attack risk may be raised by living near airports

Heart attacks and strokes are significant medical events and they can have major life-long consequences for their victims. Sometimes, medical conditions and problems resulting from such events and their causes make it hard or impossible for a person to be employed. Individuals who have suffered a heart attack or stroke and have become unable to work as a result should consider speaking to a disability attorney about whether they would be eligible for disability benefits, such as benefits from the Social Security Disability program.

Given the vast impacts heart attacks and strokes can have, investigations into what sort of things put a person at greater risk of suffering these major medical events can be an important area of research.

A recent study indicates that living close to an airport for a long period of time may be linked to an increased chance of suffering a stroke or heart attack.

The study was conducted by researchers in England and it looked at data regarding individuals who lived by airports for an extended period of time. The studied individuals were from several different European countries. The study’s researchers found that an individual’s likelihood of suffering a heart attack or stroke went up by 25 percent for every 10 additional decibels of average noise they were exposed to by living by an airport over the course of a generation.

What is causing this link? One theory is that the disruptions in sleep that noise from air traffic can cause contribute to the link. Thus, this study’s results may be pointing to a larger issue: the effects of sleep quality on a person’s stroke and heart attack risk.

Source: Medical Daily, “Living Near An Airport Could Increase Your Risk Of Stroke,” Matthew Mientka, March 2, 2014