Ladder and scaffolding falls: Worker hurt in fall

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2014 | Construction Accidents

A construction worker is nursing a broken ankle that will keep him off the job for some time following a serious fall in the late afternoon of Feb. 27. Construction workers here in New York understand the danger that ladder and scaffolding falls can pose to an individual’s ability to perform his or her job effectively. Thankfully, workers’ compensation will likely be provided to help get this individual through a difficult transition.

According to the report filed by the company overseeing the job site, the man was working on an unspecified building when he fell from the scaffolding where he was stationed. The fall, about 10 feet down to a platform, left the man with a broken ankle. Of course, a fall of that height could have been much more serious, and thankfully, he suffered no other injuries.

The man was conscious and alert when local rescue services got him down from where he had fallen. The stairs to the area had not yet been constructed, so rescue workers used another ladder to lower him from the platform and into medical care. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment, and it is unknown how long he will be off work while his ankle heals.

While it is definitely a relief the man survived his fall, as New York residents would likely agree, the injury he sustained will make him unable to do his job for a period of time. It is possible the injury will influence his ability to perform his duties in the long term as well, as sometimes happens in ladder and scaffolding falls. For the moment, workers’ compensation will likely help to cover his lost wages while doctors get a better idea of how much damage was done.

Source:, Construction worker hurt after falling 10 feet on platform, Michael King, Feb. 27, 2014