Don’t wait to apply for disability benefits

Because disabilities come in many forms and severities, each case impacts a person in a unique way. While one individual may be able to function normally and work a 40-hour week, others may struggle to even get through a few hours of work, even with accommodations. When a person is not able to work due to their disability, they may consider filing for Social Security disability benefits.

Many people wonder when is the best time to file. Should they wait until their disability gets really bad or lasts for a long duration? It’s not uncommon to see people who have proudly worked for decades try to tough out their illness or injuries. It’s important to remember that after working all those years, people in New York have earned the right (through paying Social Security taxes) to seek benefits when needed.

The best time to apply is when you think your disability will last for a year or longer. You don’t actually have to wait for it to last a year. It’s important to understand that the approval process takes quite a while and can be somewhat complicated. Due to this, many people turn to disability benefits lawyers in order to put their best foot forward during the application process. Not only that, but if a person’s application is denied, their lawyer can help them appeal the decision.

Once the application is filed, it can take three to four months to process. After approval, it may still take some time to get your benefits since they are paid on the sixth full months after your disability started. 

Source:, “Social Security: When should you apply for disability benefits?” Joanne Crane, Feb. 26, 2014