Heavy equipment accidents lead to worker’s death

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2014 | Construction Accidents

Industrial work sites are common in New York. Heavy equipment, scaffolding, construction materials and numerous workers are common to these industrial locations. Along with these work sites, there is the potential for workplace accidents that can cause serious injury or even death. Heavy equipment accidents are always a possibility. Recently, a heavy equipment accident claimed the life of a construction worker on an industrial work site in another state.

Reports indicate that the worker was a 48-year old gentleman who was employed as a mechanic with the construction equipment company. He was working underneath a front-end loader which is a large piece of equipment that is typically used to move and push large items and piles of dirt. Apparently, something went wrong with the way this loader was being lifted, and it fell on the worker. Exact details of what happened are not known at the this time.

Immediately following the accident, emergency personnel were contacted. However, there was nothing they could do, and the worker died at the accident site. An autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of his death. In accidents such as this, OSHA is typically contacted as a part of the accident reporting procedures. OSHA has been contacted and is investigating the accident.

Industrial work sites in New York often require specialized safety equipment and procedures due to the nature of the work performed there. Heavy equipment accidents can happen quickly and without warning. Regardless, it is assumed that when a loved one leaves for work, he or she will return at the end of the day. Now, a family is left to grieve the loss of their loved one. Based upon the outcome of the investigation, this family may decide to purse legal action against the responsible party.

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