Heart disease is still the number one killer of Americans

February is American Heart Month, bringing to light the fact that the number one killer of Americans is still heart disease. This February marks the 50th anniversary of American Heart Month, which is why we think it is important for everyone to be aware of their risk for heart disease and what they can do if they already suffer from cardiovascular disease.

Many Americans suffer from heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases. Unfortunately, these conditions often get worse over time and eventually cause death. Men and women are both victims of heart disease. 

With heart attacks and strokes often occurring without warning, it is important for people to know about the improvements in treatment and care for cardiovascular disease patients. Many lifesaving improvements have been made by researchers, including artificial heart valves, heart transplants, CPR techniques and cholesterol medication to reduce the risks of suffering a heart attack. 

Individuals with heart disease or other cardiovascular conditions should know that if they can no longer work due to their health, they can apply for Social Security disability benefits. SSDI benefits can help people who cannot work due to a disability caused by an injury or illness. These benefits can help individuals afford their expenses that would otherwise be difficult to pay for since they are no longer working. 

There are strict requirements for receiving SSDI benefits. An applicant’s medical record and history will be reviewed to see how their medical condition has impacted their ability to work. After applying for SSDI benefits, it can take a while for your claim to be reviewed. Individuals with questions about the disability application process should contact a Social Security disability attorney to discuss their specific cases. 

Source: The Huffington Post, “50 Years of American Heart Month: Fight Continues vs. Our No. 1 Killer,” Nancy Brown, Jan. 27, 2014