Only woman with mystery ‘Syndrome X’ dies at age 20

A woman in another state recently died at the age of 20 years old. However, her situation was unique, and doctors could never understand why the woman never physically developed past the body of a toddler. After years, doctors called her condition “Syndrome X.” They were never able to discover what caused the syndrome, and she is the only person to have ever been diagnosed with such a mysterious condition.

While the woman went through a premature and complicated birth, her family realized something was different when their younger daughter aged past her older sister. Although this condition is unique, there may be other conditions that are extremely rare, qualifying a person for Social Security disability benefits.

While the Social Security administration might have a list of certain conditions, they may make exceptions when a disease or condition is extremely rare. These benefits can help a person or their family provide proper medical care.

Many times if a person has a condition that won’t allow them to take care of themselves, their family will either have to stay home from work, or hire medical care givers during the day to stay with the person. No matter what a family chooses for their situation, this can come at a great cost to a family.

Social Security disability benefits can help a family financially, but they can sometimes be difficult to apply for. Families in New York might be wise to speak with an experienced Social Security disability attorney who can help them with their claim.

Source:, “Woman with ‘Syndrome X’ dies at 20 but still looks like a toddler,” Michael Walsh, Oct. 29, 2013