Injuries reported in Chinatown building collapse

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2013 | Premises Liability

There are many ways in which someone who lives in, or is visiting New York City, could be injured. It is likely however that most people assume that they will be safe from serious harm when inside of a building. This, of course, is not necessarily true. The partial collapse of a building in Chinatown illustrates this.

When rescue workers arrived at the scene of the 5-story building, there was apparently a fire. Accordingly, in addition to rescuing those trapped in the collapse, the fire also needed to put out. Though little is known regarding what caused the incident to occur, early reports indicate that a gas explosion could be to blame.

It is unclear how many people were in the building which housed commercial tenants in addition to residential apartments, when the incident occurred. Though an apparently unconscious man was seen being pulled from what was left of the structure, and reports indicate at least 8 people were hurt, a definitive number of injured individuals is not known. Of those individuals with confirmed injuries, three are apparently in critical condition. The nature of their injuries is not known. It is also unclear whether anyone perished in the collapse.

An investigation into the building collapse will undoubtedly be conducted. Its findings will likely indicate the parties responsible for the unfortunate incident. It could also help determine if personal injury lawsuits will be filed regarding the matter. Should such a lawsuit be successful, life could be made much easier for parties injured in the collapse.

Source: CBS News, “At least 8 injured in partial building collapse in NYC,” July 11, 2013