New York construction worker injured in fall

On Behalf of | May 15, 2013 | Construction Accidents

About 300 miles northwest of New York City is the town of Hornell. That’s where a construction worker from Canaseraga was injured late last week in a fall from the Route 36 bridge.

After the construction accident, the 20-year-old was listed in guarded condition at a Rochester hospital.

The man fell from the bridge onto a street below shortly after 3 p.m. He was soon flown by a medical helicopter to the Rochester facility.

He reportedly sustained multiple fractures in the fall.

As we have reported here many times in the past, falls are one of the leading causes of construction accidents and workplace injuries. Hopefully, this man will recover fully and quickly from his injuries.

In an unrelated incident, a construction worker far to our south was recently killed in a fall from the roof of a high school under construction in Georgia.

The company that employed the fatally injured worker soon issued a statement expressing its concern for the man’s grieving family, but also lauding its own safety record.

The firm also said it was to undertake a review of its safety procedures with its entire workforce.

A Wisconsin construction accident resulted in a worker being hospitalized last week in Appleton. The worker was helping construct an addition to an Appleton hospital when he was reportedly struck by a crane on Wednesday.

The construction company said it, too, is doing an investigation of the incident and is following proscribed safety procedures and regulations in the matter.

The extent of the man’s injuries was not disclosed in the media report we read.

When similar accidents happen here, the injured worker is typically entitled to New York workers’ compensation benefits that provide medical care and replacement of a portion of lost wages while the worker recovers.

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