Faulty construction blamed for ceiling collapse

On Behalf of | May 17, 2013 | Premises Liability

Residents in New York know how common it is to see buildings around the city under construction. Older buildings are being renovated and repaired and newer structures are being erected. With all the chaos and construction that often goes on during building projects, it is not uncommon for the integrity of a structure to be compromised.

During many construction projects, it is often the workers themselves who are injured when a roof or building collapse happens. People can be crushed under heavy structures and end up with broken bones, back and neck pain or even life-threatening injuries. 

However, not all of these catastrophic accidents happen during the construction project. Sometimes a repair or building project holds up for a short period of time before structural vulnerabilities are identified. Often times, it is only after an accident occurs that authorities discover that faulty materials were used or repair work was incomplete.

For example, 21 residents in an apartment building were recently evacuated after the ceiling of their building collapsed. One woman who lived on the top floor and was home at the time said that she was sleeping when the ceiling caved in.

An investigation into the ceiling collapse indicated that the accident was a result of some faulty construction work that had been completed on the roof. 

Construction work is completed all the time around New York and the potential for an accident like this to happen one is very real. In the aftermath of a building collapse, it is crucial that victims seek medical help because injuries that are often sustained can be extensive. It can also be important to speak with an attorney who understands how intricate these accidents can be. Whether a building collapse happens on the job or as a result of negligent construction, victims should be able to pursue the financial support they deserve in order to recover from their injuries. 

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