Crane accident: 50-ton crane tips, kills operator

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We in New York City know so well the dangers of cranes. When one of the construction giants fails, injuries and fatalities can occur in just a split-second, as we have seen in Manhattan and elsewhere in recent years.

We just read of a crane accident far from us, in which the operator was killed after the crane tipped over at a Kansas construction site, pinning him beneath. The crane operator, 51 years old, was pronounced dead of his injuries at the scene of the accident, law enforcement officials said.

The tragic incident was in southeast Kansas, north of Burlington, where a crew was working on a bridge.

Far south of Kansas, there was a report of a Louisiana woman filing a claim against construction companies she says were involved in a project in which she was injured in May of last year.

The woman was working as a pile logger on a hospital construction site when she tripped on debris there and seriously injured her right knee.

As a result of the injury, she required both arthroscopic knee surgery and a knee replacement operation.

She argues in court documents recently filed in New Orleans that the employer and other contractors failed to provide safe entrances and exits from the site and that they failed to take common safety precautions and procedures to protect workers.

She seeks an unspecified amount from the defendants for medical expenses, loss of wages, permanent residual disability, loss of future wages, disfigurement, pain and suffering, as well as emotional stress.

Her request for compensation isn’t an unusual one. Injured construction workers often have to deal with enormous medical bills, lost wages, diminished earning capacity and much more. An experienced attorney can help the injured worker understand their legal options, including New York workers’ compensation claims.

Source: KFDI, “Holton man dies in construction accident,” Feb. 5, 2013

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