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December 2012 Archives

Mary Poppins would never nanny in New York

A new survey suggests that domestic workers are grossly underpaid and overworked despite New York's 2010 Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. The Domestic Workers Bill of Rights stipulates that employers must at least pay a domestic worker, such as a nanny or cleaner, minimum wage and provide overtime and paid days off. It would appear that there is still a lot of scrubbing to do within the system in order to ensure these laws are followed.

Fighting a spinal cord injury one step at a time

Because construction accidents often involve large machinery or heavy building materials, the injuries the accidents cause can be devastating. In cases of spinal cord injuries, the victim can be left paralyzed, unable to work or walk again.

Flight attendants to benefit from OSHA oversight?

For the past 37 years, airline unions have sought the expansion of workplace safety protections for flight attendants. Late last month, U.S. labor and aviation agencies finally proposed doing just that. In essence, the most common workplace injuries and illnesses affecting flight attendants have been grossly under-addressed for decades. For the first time since 1975, flight attendants might finally be getting needed relief.

Worker killed at New York construction site

We don't know who performed the task of informing his young family, but it must have been a very difficult duty to carry out. There are no words with which you can break gently the news of the sudden loss of a father and husband.


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