Update on Brooklyn building collapse

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The contractor constructing the Brooklyn condominiums where a worker died Monday in a building collapse may be supervising more construction projects than the city allows, media sources report.

The construction superintendent is overseeing 14 projects, according to reports. That’s four more than the 10 New York City regulations allow.

The duties of the construction superintendent include overseeing worksite safety.

On Monday, the third floor of a Fort Greene neighborhood building on Carlton Avenue gave way as workers loaded it with concrete blocks.

A bricklayer on the project said workers put four pallets of cinder blocks on the third floor with a boom truck. When they added a fifth pallet of blocks, support beams under the floor apparently buckled, sending workers plunging 40 feet.

“The floor was not structurally stable,” New York City’s buildings commissioner said.

City officials said they weren’t yet sure if the construction superintendent was on the site at the time of the tragedy.

“There’s a serious question about whether he was there on the scene,” a Brooklyn city councilwoman said.

The company has 24 apartment projects going on right now in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island.

Yesterday, the city’s Buildings Department issued 10 citations for code violations at the Brooklyn site of the collapse.

The worker injured in the collapse is in Kings County Medical Center, still in critical condition, according to reports.

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