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February 2012 Archives

Worker safety rule has been excessively delayed

We have previously written about why it is critically important for New York employers to fix safety hazards promptly. Failure to do so can result in completely preventable workplace injuries.

Construction catastrophe leaves 1 dead

In New York, and across the county, there are men and women that dedicate their lives to constructing the buildings that allow our lives to function. Often, such a job can be dangerous, and at times, even fatal. It is critical that the rights of construction workers be protected.

New York crane collapse trial begins

It was May of 2008 and construction work was loud and furious on Manhattan's Upper East Side. In a few unforgettable moments, the noise increased to a deafening roar as a crane collapsed and a pair of lives ended and others were forever changed.

Two New York workers injured in marina fire

Pleasure boats may be a source of leisure and excitement for many, but we must not forget that they are still dangerous. They are powerful vehicles with components that are sharp and can become hot to the point that they could cause third-degree burns. Boats are also filled with gasoline and run in hot weather that could cause fumes to ignite.


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