Two Million Dollar Win

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2010 | Construction Accidents, Workplace Injury



With some of the TWO MILLION DOLLARS we were able to win for Wieslaw Jakubowski, he has purchased a high interest annuity and is planning to open his own business. 

On the roof of a new building under construction in Brooklyn, Wieslaw Jakubowski’s life changed forever. He plunged through an elevator shaft, sustaining serious injuries.


While Wieslaw was in the hospital recovering from his injuries, I immediately called my Personal Injury unit into action.


When he was able to return home, Wieslaw was not able to take care of his daily needs. I was able to arrange for his wife to be paid a substantial weekly salary by the workers’ compensation insurance company in order to give him full-time home care. Meanwhile, my Personal Injury unit learned that the work site was not fully insured. Nevertheless, with their expertise and tenacity, they were able to settle Wieslaw’s case for two million dollars.   


No one can give Wieslaw Jakubowski back the life that he had before he innocently went to work for an employer who would not keep a safe workplace, but it gives us great satisfaction to know that we were able to ensure that he can again be the vital and productive man he was before his accident.


If you have any questions about the interplay of construction and other workplace accidents, personal injury law, and workers’ compensation, please don’t hesitate to give me a call.  


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Note: For the sake of our client’s privacy, identifying information has been altered.