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Distracted driving is a growing epidemic

April is Distracted Driving Awareness month. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is using the occasion to highlight the perils of one of the most preventable causes of traffic fatalities.

A recent study on distracted driving produced alarming results. The study, published by driver analytics company Zendrive, revealed that every day 69 million Americans use their phone while behind the wheel. Even more concerning, 26 percent of all motor vehicle accidents are related to distracted driving.

Job burnout puts construction workers at risk

Burnout is a common problem in all job fields. Everyone from corporate executives to retail employees experiences exhaustion after long, grueling hours in the office. Unfortunately, burnout is especially dangerous for construction workers due to the physical demands of their positions.


Construction site injuries can be serious and diverse

In the last few months this New York-based personal injury and workers' compensation legal blog discussed the problem of falls on American construction sites. Falls are a serious threat to construction workers since they can suffer them in many different ways. Workers can fall from heights when they are not properly secured, from equipment when it moves, or even on flat ground when debris clutters their way and causes them to trip.

Beyond falls, though, there are numerous incidents of injuries on construction sites. Equipment injuries can harm workers when large devices malfunction or are used improperly. Additionally, a person who is not trained to use a piece of machinery or equipment may inadvertently harm themselves or others.

Report: Construction most fatal industry in New York

Construction work is a crucial part of our society. Workers put their livelihoods and lives on the line every day in effort to maintain or expand our infrastructure. Thanks to construction we can repair roads and bridges or build new schools. Unfortunately, this work comes with many risks for everyone on all jobsites.

Jobsite safety remains as important as ever for New York construction workers. With important and physical work like construction, there are bound to be hazards. The last three years have proven to be no exception, according to the reporting of various groups.

Make good decisions after a personal injury accident

Not long ago, this blog discussed a proposed plan by the Social Security Administration to use social media to monitor the disabilities of program applicants and recipients. In essence, if the program was implemented the Social Security Administration could deny an applicant benefits if the organization found pictures or information on the applicant's Facebook or Instagram feed that countered their application claims. This proposal is not currently in use, but its considerations should raise questions for everyone who uses social media in their daily life.

Individuals share an incredible amount of information through internet-based platforms. They may offer details about their jobs, pictures of their kids and pets, and funny memes that convey the absurdities of everyday life. Many people use social media to present their best selves and choose to leave off of their accounts any information that shows their struggles or vulnerabilities.

Social Security Administration proposes social media surveillance

Millions of people across the nation count on disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. When an illness or injury prevents a person from holding down a job, they may rely on the support they receive from the government to take care of their individual needs. New Yorkers throughout the state use their disability benefits to cover a wide range of necessary living costs.

While readers may know that in some cases disability benefits' recipients may have their benefits cut off if they are found to be receiving them under fraudulent or erroneous information, they may not know that the Social Security Administration is looking into a new way to monitor recipients' need for support. A budgeting report issued by the Social Security Administration suggests that surveillance on social media may be used to identify individuals who could be wrongfully getting disability help.

The different workers' comp benefits

Most people have heard of workers' compensation. It is a form of insurance most employers are required to carry which provides benefits to workers who are injured on the job. It acts as a sort of financial safety net for any employee who is unable to work and concerned about keeping themselves and their family afloat.

Despite how important and helpful workers' comp is, most people are in the dark on what specifically it provides benefits for. In New York, workers' compensation provides funds for many things; we will dig into the details of three of the main categories.

Traumatic brain injuries from motor vehicle accidents

An injury to the brain can have serious repercussions on the way that a victim's body works and responds to stimuli. When a New York resident hits their head or suffers an impact to it in a motor vehicle accident, they can be left with a range of serious and complicated medical issues. These issues are the side effects of traumatic brain injuries, the topic of this informational post.

As stated, a traumatic brain injury can result from an impact, but it can also result from a penetration injury. During a motor vehicle accident a piece of debris may enter the brain and this event can result in a trauma to the brain. While some traumatic brain injuries may get better on their own, others may cause permanent damage to victims.

SBA: 10 steps to starting a small business

Many people have dreams of starting their own business. The freedom, flexibility and sense of ownership are all draws -- but it is important for entrepreneurs to know that starting a business is a serious undertaking. Following the proper steps is essential to build a successful business.


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