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But what does it mean to be disabled?  It's not enough that your doctor has stated you are disabled -- you must prove with medical evidence and your own statements that you cannot do "substantial gainful activity."


What happens after you file a claim for Social Security Disability benefits and you are not immediately granted the benefits you deserve based on your doctor's reports?

A mom sues for injuries caused by a falling Central Park tree

A 39-year-old mom of three announced on Monday, Feb. 26 of her intentions to sue both the Central Park Conservancy (CPC) and the City of New York. She's seeking to recover $200 million to go towards paying both her and her kids' current and future medical costs and other damages stemming from a tree falling on them on Aug. 15 at the famed park.

In an interview with the press the same day she filed the lawsuit, she chronicled how she and her kids were taking a stroll in Central Park early in the morning on that fateful day. The next thing she remembers is a large, 3,000 pound elm tree collapsed on top of her, her 2-year-old, her 4-year-old and her infant.

Can your employer challenge or deny your workers' comp claim?

You may feel that you have been a loyal employee for numerous years. You may have done your best to complete your duties in a timely and effective manner and tried to keep a formal but approachable relationship with your employer. Because of these efforts, you may have believed that you would immediately receive the support you needed after suffering an injury on the job.

Though workers' compensation can help provide qualifying parties with financial assistance after a job-related injury, obtaining benefits is not a guarantee. After applying for benefits, the chance exists that your employer could challenge or deny your claim. You may think this type of outcome unfair, but your employer may try to avoid having your claim approved.

No slowdown for construction accidents in New York

Despite improvements in safety equipment and tightening regulations, construction workers continue to suffer injuries on the job. In fact, in New York alone, 71 workers died on construction sites in 2016, up from 50 just two years earlier.

If you work construction, you are aware of the inherent dangers on the job, particularly when it comes to falls. Constructing a building from the foundation up or renovating the upper floors of an older structure means doing your job many feet off the ground. You have to have a great deal of trust in your fellow workers as well as in your employer. Recent reports show that some of that trust may be misplaced.

Construction worker crushed when a debris chute fell on him

A construction worker who'd been helping to renovate the German Masonic Home located at 120 Western Highway in Tappan was critically injured after being crushed by falling debris on the afternoon of Friday, Feb. 23.

According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) officials, the construction worker has been working on the third floor of the building when its debris chute became clogged.

4 mistakes that could hinder your chances of obtaining SSDI

Though you may have loved your job and took pride in your ability to generate an income through your hard work, you may have reached a point at which you can no longer work. Suffering from a disability leads to this type of situation for many New York residents, and unfortunately, numerous individuals suffer financially due to an inability to hold a job. Though government benefits programs exist that could help with such issues, benefits can be difficult to obtain.

When it comes to Social Security Disability, these benefits can prove immensely useful to parties who have a disability that prevents them from working. As someone facing this type of predicament, you may wonder what you need to do in order to apply and hopefully obtain this assistance. However, you may wish to remember that most applicants face denials on first attempts, and it can take years to work toward an approval. Certain actions could also harm your attempts to gain benefits.

A driver could lose focus, cause a pedestrian accident

As a driver, you understand that you could be operating your vehicle in close proximity to pedestrians. For example, this typically comes into play if you're driving through a busy city.

Conversely, as a pedestrian, you realize that you need to take extra caution to avoid trouble. You never want to find yourself in a situation where you've been struck by a vehicle.


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