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I am proud to say that workers’ compensation and social security disability law has been a part of my life almost from childhood. My father, Lawrence Klein, was a pioneer in the field of workers’ compensation. I began my apprenticeship at the age of fifteen, working summers in my father’s growing law practice. In the many years since, I have expanded and refined my knowledge of the law and of the Byzantine system that can sometimes obstruct the ends of justice for the injured worker and small businessman, unless it is negotiated by an aggressive and experienced practitioner. I am proud to be a sponsor of the Career Building Awards Gala for that great New York organization Chinese Manpower (CMP).

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My father would often say that family is the most important thing in life. In addition, he taught me to regard all the people in my life as family: my friends, co-workers, employees, and in particular, my clients. And although he was a highly regarded figure in the world of workers’ compensation, and maintained a thriving practice, he was always true to his word, never giving less than the best of his time and attention.

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Of all the satisfactions practicing workers’ compensation and social security disability laws, the greatest by far is when a client takes the trouble to give me a special thank-you. A birthday card, a home-made gift at Christmas-it might just be a small note of gratitude, but at those times I am reminded why, since 1991, I come to work each morning.

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I taught a seminar in Worker’ Compensation, Personal Injury, Wages & Hours, and Social Security Disability Law for Continuing Visions: Continuing Education For The Funeral Profession. My paper, “Interplay of Workers’ Compensation Cases and Third Party Lawsuits”, was published in the New York Employee Advocate, Volume 17, No. 2, October 2014.

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I was born near Nanjing, China, in a steel industry town, so I know first-hand that the dreams and aspirations, frustrations and successes of the working man and woman are the same all over the world. After studying Economic Statistics at the Shanghai University of Finance & Economics I became intrigued by the American judicial system. After completing law school in China, I attained a Masters of Law at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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Steven Davis : I concentrate on fighting for the rights of injured men and women with Workers’ Compensation cases, and on Social Security Disability cases, as well. After establishing the law firm of Davis & Shatkin, I moved on to become Partner at the widely-known Jacoby & Meyers, where for twenty-five years I held numerous high-level management and litigation positions in both the Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury departments-as the Negotiation Attorney in the New York Personal Injury Unit, I negotiated many millions of dollars for our clients.

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