Small Business Owners

If you own a business, no matter how large or small, and the Workers’ Compensation Board has charged you with not having insurance, this can become very expensive for you, and it can even expose to you criminal charges. If a person alleges that he was your employee and that he had an accident while working for you, you may be personally liable for all benefits awarded to him. Even if there is no allegation of an accident, if the Board charges you with having no insurance, you are exposed to numerous penalties and assessments that can equal tens of thousands of dollars, or more, and can also expose you to criminal charges.

We have been successful in reducing, and even in rescinding altogether, penalties and assessments against a number of uninsured employers. You do have rights, although it might not seem that way as you receive penalty letters and assessment letters and judgment liens. Although we can never guarantee a particular result, we offer a free consultation, so that you will understand exactly what you are facing and what we can do to help.