Resource Guide for the Disabled Worker - Social Security Disability

Published by The Klein Law Group, P.C.

Disabled workers in New York State are not alone. From unemployment to rehabilitation, social security to workers’ compensation, there are agencies to aid with the recovery, retraining and financial problems that can devastate the average person.

The following is a brief listing of some of the agencies current as of late 1999.

WORKERS’ COMPENSATION: Tel: 718-802-4900
Replaces some wage loss and pays for most medical expenses cause by job related accident and injury. Some limited benefits for off the job disability as well.

SOCIAL SECURITY: Tel: 800-772-1213
A federal program of wage replacement for disabilities causing a complete inability to work. Disability may be on or off the job.

UNEMPLOYMENT: Tel: 212-352-2400
Benefits limited by amount and duration given to individuals hired or laid off with certain qualifications, these benefits may impact on a workers’ compensation benefit, in certain circumstances.

VESID: Tel: 212-630-2325
A program offering vocational rehabilitation, free of charge to the injured worker. Undergoing rehab will not jeopardize a workers’ compensation claim, but a return to work may change your weekly benefit.

DEPARTMENT OF LABOR: Tel: 212-352-6000
If a disability results in uneven work attendance or performance and your boss or supervisor tries to interfere with your rights at work because of this, call the Department for guidance.

CRIME VICTIMS: Tel: 212-417-51600
If you are the victim of a crime, this agency can help with certain limited benefits and guidance.

FOOD STAMPS / WELFARE: Tel: 718-291-1900
The Human Resources Administration can help the injured and disabled worker in a variety of ways, while Workers’ Compensation and other cases are pending.