Physical Therapy & Workers' Compensation

What Is Physical Therapy?

When you are injured and disabled, a physical therapist will work to restore your body as much as possible to the way it was before your injury. Your therapist will employ such techniques as manipulation, massage, ultrasound, hot packs, ice therapy, and stretching. Another vital technique of the therapist is to teach you to perform healing exercises on your own and, if you are able to return to work, use your body in a safer, smarter way, to avoid further injury.

What Is a Physical Therapist?

In New York, a physical therapist has studied the art and science of physical therapy for four to six years, taking classes in biology, basic medical science, with clinical experience as well. Following that, in order to practice, the therapist must pass a national written examination.

May I Be Treated by a Physical Therapist If I Am on Workers’ Compensation?

Generally, your doctor will recommend a physical therapist, and will write a prescription. Some medical doctors specialize in Pain Management and Rehabilitation. If you require physical therapy, the insurance company may voluntarily pay for that treatment, or, if the insurance company refuses to pay, the judge may overrule that refusal and authorize the treatment.

How Can I Learn More About Physical Therapy?

Websites that we have found useful in creating this pamphlet include the New York State Department of Education at and at, and the American Physical Therapy Association at

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