Hispanic Population Fastest-Growing Ethnic Group


As you can see from the recent report out of the Pew Hispanic Center, the 2010 Census shows that America’s Latino population has grown more than any other group over the past decade. New York continues to benefit from being one of the largest centers of Hispanic concentration.

The Wall Street Journal and msnbc.com report that Hispanics are likely to play a significant role in the 2012 elections.

All of this is great news for New York. From Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Chile, Guatemala – from all the great cultures across the Spanish-speaking world – men and women are coming to our state to work and raise families. They do the dangerous work of construction and demolition, the laborious but important work of home and health care; they work in our restaurants and they hire themselves out as day laborers. They are our teachers, our lawyers, our senators and congressmen. Whether documented or undocumented, they are a vital part of the New York economy.

For many years, we have been proud and grateful to be a vital part of the community of working Hispanics in New York. From workplace accidents to wage and hour abuses, we will continue to advise and advocate on behalf of New York’s working men and women. We will continue to urge union membership for all who are eligible and will fight for all the rights of those who do not have a union they can join.

Congratulations to all our Hispanic friends and associates on the release of this exciting news. New York and America owe you a debt of gratitude for becoming a rich and vital part of our citizenry.

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